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Bitmap Viewer

This application helps a user to view the BITMAP image file in DOS (Disk Operating System). BITMAP VIEWER helps you to view the .bmp image files in DOS since there is no default application which allows you to view the bmp file in DOS.

Language Used: C

Concept Used

  • Structures
  • Pointers
  • Functions

What is Bitmap?
One of the most important things in creating a user-friendly interface is the use of bitmaps. Without bitmaps, there would be no icons, no fancy buttons, and mouse pointers would have to be made of lines. 

The term bitmap is a throwback from when monitors could only display one other color besides black. For two color data files that store an image, each bit in the data file represents one pixels; a 1 meant the pixel was on, a 0 meant the pixel was off as in the figure below. Therefore, a two-color image is a map of bits.

Bitmap Viewer Functionalities

  • Load BMP File
  • BMP Details
  • View BMP

Load BMP File

This option helps us to load the BMP File by simply typing the file name with extension(.bmp). If the file is not present then the message is displayed that is the file is not present. And also it check the file type ‘BM’ in first two bytes. If it is not present then display that it is not BMP File.

BMP Details

This menu displays the details such as file name, size of the file, and the height and width of the image. These details are gathered from the structure mentioned in the table above.

View BMP

This menu display the image in to the monitor screen by placing the corresponding pixels in the correct position. Before displaying the image on the screen we convert the displayed mode to gray scale mode, because C supports only 16 colors. To use more than 16 colors we have to spend more time for coding and also it is difficult to write the code.